Stage 4 Colon Cancer Life Expectancy

There have been so many talks about stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy rate but if you come to look into it more closely, you would easily understand that rates have no distinct bearing and may thus vary from one person to another. Fact is, the minute you are diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, there are a number of important health related factors to be checked to gauge or estimate your life expectancy rate.

Normally, and with all things being equal, meaning you are of relatively young age, your cancer is not triggered by your genes and you are the first person diagnosed with it in your family, and you are generally responsive to treatments although you are still categorized under the 4th stage of colon cancer, then you can assume to have a longer life expectancy rate as opposed to someone who is older, less healthy, and less responsive to treatments.

But these are not the only things you need to take into consideration when trying to figure out your stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy rate. Since the minute you are diagnosed with this kind of disease you will be required to undergo a number of tests, your physician will also be able to look into the results of your test and would be able to interpret its severity. From this, you will be advised to undergo a number of treatments that may help relieve you from pain and other further complications.

In this kind of scenario then, your physician can be one basis to get to know your stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy rate. This basically means that if you want to know how many more months you can live after your diagnosis is released, your doctor can give you an estimate or an idea on how many more months or years you can live. However, it is important to know that what your physician will be telling you is just a rough estimate and in most cases, they are always wrong.

This basically means that more and more people who are diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer are told by their physician that they only have 6 months to live but they are able to survive for many more years after that primarily because they are healthier and more responsive to treatment than they have ever thought possible. You see, there really isn’t any distinct way of knowing how and whether or not you will be responsive to treatments until your body actually goes through with it.

Another way of figuring out your stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy is by looking into your charts as regularly as possible. Of course, your physician will also be the one to get hold of your charts but the minute it is discussed with you, make it a point to absorb as much information as you possibly can. If you find it difficult to digest the words being uttered by your physician simply bring your partner or your children with you so that they will be the one to understand.

Generally speaking though, stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy is estimated to several years after first diagnosis. Usually the minimum number of years that a person may battle against it should be around 14 months or a year and two months. The most number of years that a person with stage colon cancer may survive shoud be around 5 to 10 years depending on their response to treatment and how their bodies cope. But again, these life expectancy rates are just a rough estimate of what you can expect from life the minute you are diagnosed to be on stage 4 of colon cancer. In the end, there’s really no easy way of knowing just when your life will be taken away from you.

This is why the minute you are diagnosed or even when you haven’t been diagnosed, it is always best to live your life to the fullest. Make it a point to appreciate life greatly and think of all the possibilities that you can get from it. There really is no reason to waste any time in your life doing the things you love to do and expressing the love and appreciation you have for people. There’s no need to be diagnosed with any life threatening disease first to be inspired to do something like this.

This is why as early as now and without necessarily having to know your stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy, make it a point to live life to the fullest and live life without regrets. So in the end, the minute your life is taken away from you, you wouldn’t have any what ifs and you would have already made a mark in the lives of other people as well.