Stage 4 Cancer Life Expectancy

I would like to thank you for visting my site relating to stage 4 cancer life expectancy. I decided to provide information about this disease because I have first hand experience of dealing with cancer as my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Thankfully, I am do not have cancer, but I went through a lot of trauma and emotions while my dearest mum was living through this condition. Sadly, she passed away on my birthday. She lived her life to the fullest and I have fond memories of her. Age was not on her side so, and it is a fact of life, that dealing with radiotheraphy and chemotherapy is not easy.

You have probably heard of people talking about stage 4 cancer life expectancy as though they are experts on the topic. Yes, they might have family members or loved ones diagnosed with stage 4 cancer or they themselves might have been diagnosed of it, but the reality is that the life expectancy when it comes to this sickness is very difficult to determine.



First, it is important to understand what this deadly illness cancer is ?


What Is Cancer ?

Cancer is a term whereby abnormal cells go out of control and divide and they cling onto to other tissues. The cells spread to parts of body through blood and the lymph systems. There are over hundred different types of cancer. Most of the cancers are names from the place they start, for example, breast cancer, or colon cancer, or lung cancer.

Different Stages Of Cancer

Before we can discuss stage 4 cancer, it is important to address the different stages of cancer.


Stage 1 cancer means that the tumor is small and it is only within the organ so it has not spread

Stage 2 cancer refers to cancer that has not spread but is bigger than stage 1 cancer.

Stage 3 cancer means that the cancer is larger than stage 2 and it may have spread to the tissues and that there are also cancer cells in the lymph nodes. Basically, lymph node is an oval shape organ of the immune system which is distributed widely throughout the body.

Stage 4 cancer is when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body which is often referred to secondary or metastic cancer.

Factors Determining Stage 4 Cancer Life Expectancy

There are a number of important factors that need to be considered when it comes to this type of cancer. Although not everyone might be aware of it, the different types of cancers found and diagnosed on ones body can be used to determine one’s life expectancy. Simply put, certain cancers can be regarded as more serious and might bring out more complications at a much shorter period of time that may of course result to shorter life span.

Likely, a less serious type of cancer, although also diagnosed on stage 4 may bring about slower complications to the body and might then result to a relatively longer life expectancy rate compared to other types. Other than this, the age of the person who is suffering from the stage 4 cancer diagnosis is also to be taken into account.

Of course, our basic reasoning and ability to analyze things will help us understand and realize that the older you are when you are diagnosed to be on stage 4, the more difficult it might be for your body to respond to treatment. In this case, the more difficult it will be for you to surpass this kind of trial compared to younger people who are diagnosed with the same illness.

Age Is A Factor In Determining Stage 4 Cancer Life Expectancy

Your age then is a huge determining factor when it comes to gauging cancer. Also, the complications that are acquired by your cancer is also another factor to look into. If you come to think of it closely, it will be very difficult for you to get treatment for your cancer the minute you find complications to it. This means that other parts and organs in your body are already affected and your cancer may cause it to have some difficulties to adapt. The more complications your entire body gets, the more likely will it be difficult for you to get rid of your cancer and get cure for yourself.

Thus, there is really no way to figure out the life expectancy. In fact, even if you have been told by your doctor that you only have a couple of months to live, some people are able to live far beyond that and are able to celebrate at least three of four more years to their birthday calendar. Others who have been told that they still have several years ahead of them might be surprised to know that their cancer spreads faster compared to others.

If you come to think of it seriously, not knowing these things may actually add more fuel to the fire and might cause you to think and worry about the life that you still hope to live not only for yourself but most importantly for your loved ones but the best way to look at it is through the eyes of a person who promises to live every single day of their lives trying to do good and trying to make other people happy.

Fact is, everyone in this world dread the idea of being diagnosed with cancer. What more do you think will one feel the minute they are diagnosed to already be on stage 4? As dreadful as it might seem and feel, the only way to come to terms with this kind of diagnosis is to try your best to accept it and believe that although there isn’t any distinct cure for it, you are given this kind of trial because it is believed that you can surpass it.

Most people try to look at cancer from a very positive point of view. What they do is they merely consider themselves as the chosen ones that are given these kinds of trials to test their strength, willpower, and believe in a higher being. But of course, these kinds of positive thinking wouldn’t automatically happen after initial diagnosis. A person should go through the various stages that will eventually help prepare them into accepting that they are indeed the chosen one.

Various Types of Cancer

Since there are many different types of cancers like breast cancer for instance that is commonly diagnosed among women as well as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the liver and so much more, it is important to know as much as you can about it. The minute you are diagnosed it is important to also know and understand what could have possibly triggered you to acquire this kind of sickness. Knowing this will also help you greatly in understanding how to deal with it the best possible way you know how.

Remember that this illnessis no joke and thus should be taken with so much seriousness on your part. Although it might be difficult in the beginning, you will be able to eventually accept it after you’ve cried buckets of tears and so much more. Make it a point to also pray as much as you can and believe in the power of positive thinking because this will help you prolong your life.

If you have never been diagnosed with any type of cancer, use this as your wake up call to live a better and healthier life. It might surprise you to know that a number of cancers can actually be prevented so while you can still do this right now, make it a point to live a life that is healthy and wealthy and wise because it will benefit you in more ways than one for sure. So remember these things and remember that stage 4 cancer life expectancy is truly a serious matter to understand.

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